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Witnessing sheer passion and determination to make something happen, despite any obstacle in their path, is absolutely inspiring!

We are honored to work with such eager go-getters who have helped Hustle launch an exciting Adaptive Program.

With REMtech Pedals you are not connected to the bike, the bike is connected to you.

REMtech pedals have successfully brought back ease of in and out on the pedal, less foot slippage, and confidence to a handful of stellar riders with above-the-knee amputation, below-the-knee amputations, drop foot, and ankle paralysis.

We are in the beginning phases of this program, so at this time, we can only serve so many, but as we work more closely with more athletes and bike enthusiasts, the program will grow.

One of Hustle's main goals is to share real life experiences and be transparent about if REMtech pedals were able to elevate the riding experience for people with different impairment backgrounds.

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image of REMtech bike pedal
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Headshot of Ry on bike

Ryan Drayton

Captain of Adaptive Program

Below-the-Knee Amputation

Lymington, UK

I’m Ryan, and I’ve been a rider and mechanic most of my life. I’ve ridden most types of bikes over the years, from shoppers and BMX bikes to motocross and superbikes, all of which I’ve pushed to the max to see what they can do. 

My background is originally BMX park riding and dirt jumping, which evolved into enduro and downhill. I went to the 2013 Megavalanche in Alpe D’Huez French Alps and became a huge fan of racing glaciers. I participated in the 2013 Mega’ and have returned 7 times since.

I had an unfortunate and devastating crash on one of my bikes while riding a half pipe and broke my leg and ankle, severed my ligaments holding my foot in place, and dislocated the foot extremely badly. There were total ruptures to the ligaments and hyperextension of 3 of the 4 main nerves in my foot. A comminuted fracture of the distal fibula and crushing of the cartilage inside the ankle joint covering the talas. Surgeons had no clue where to start and sent me away in a cast with their best wishes, saying nature has to run its course in making reparations and they would act accordingly in due course. 15 months passed of intense rehab on my part before surgeons accepted that a recovery was never going to happen. The choices were to fuse the ankle and expect pain, immobility, and inevitably an amputation in the future or an amputation right away. The recovery would be up to me. I opted for the latter, knowing I could be responsible for the outcome, good or bad. 18 months after the accident, I had the operation. It went better than all expectations and set a new standard of practice for TTA (transtibial amputation). The procedure was video documented and is being used as a teaching aid for student surgeons nationwide. 

I took just 7 days in the hospital. At night I’d steal a wheelchair and do laps of the service corridors under the hospital and pump out incline hill sprints to occupy my mind and body. I had just 3 weeks off work and returned in a wheelchair to help my colleague manage the volume of Covid bike repairs that needed doing. I worked stood up on one leg, the other kneeling on the wheelchair.

I pushed my recovery so hard that they (the NHS) gave me a prosthetic 8 weeks post-op, and I got on my bike and rode it 25 miles the first day I got it… it took me two further days to figure out how to walk on it. I’ve only ever ridden Analog bikes. I recently tried an e-bike and can see how much I need one for everyday adventures here in the UK. 

I took myself to the Alps again this summer for 4 weeks to ride the Megavalanche and surprised myself and everyone who witnessed it. I qualified really well and was the only amputee at the event. I cannot thank the Hustle Team as I know the REMtech pedals made all this possible…like having the keys to your ride.

My intention is to raise awareness for adapted riders to feel included in such events and supply the evidence through sharing on social media.

I’m working with US brand Hustle Bike Labs, makers of the highest quality magnetic pedals enabling users of prosthetics to safely “clip in” and exit with precision and confidence and allow for high levels of riding to be achieved…see my videos on Instagram.

I’m also working (secretly) with a UK-based prosthetics manufacturer of the world’s most advanced prostheses to design and manufacture an interface for athletes to use for mountain biking and high-level gravity sports. It’s all coming together.

Please see my my Linktree for more information.

Casey De Vooght

Adaptive Ambassador

Above-the-Knee Amputation

Negaunee, Michigan

Hello, my name is Casey De Vooght, and I’m a U.S. Air Force Veteran from Negaunee, Michigan. I am currently training with the US Para Biathlon & Nordic Skiing Developmental Team with the hopes of qualifying for the 2026 Winter Paralympic Games.

I am an above-the-knee amputee and a stroke survivor. I have always been an outdoor enthusiast, and that love brought me to mountain biking. I mountain biked before joining the military as a recreational activity, but since my amputation in April 2021, mountain biking is a huge part of my life. You can always find me on the trails during the summer and fall, exploring the trails and volunteering at MTB events. I currently use MTB for cross-training, but I am going to start competing in Enduro races in the Summer of 2023. Since my amputation and stroke, my goals are to show others that regardless of their situation, anything is possible.

While we might be faced with a disability, there are individuals, organizations, and companies out there that want to help us achieve our goals. For me, that is a testament to Hustle Bike Labs and their Avery REMtech Pedals, to provide me with safe and secure pedals to be able to continue mountain biking since my amputation.

Image of Casey with skis
Headshot of Marc on his bike
image of Marcs prosthetic leg

Marc Elliot

Adaptive Ambassador

Above-the-Knee Amputation

Cornwall, UK

My outdoor life began as a 14-year-old discovering rock climbing. This rapidly snowballed into an obsession and led me mountain  biking a few years later.

The two disciplines have been with me ever since. Until July 2016,  when I was involved in a serious motorcycle accident that resulted  in the loss of a leg and a damaged pelvis. Life changing in so  many ways, I lost my work, my wife left my children and me along  with the physical healing from the accident, and I was faced with the mental challenges of all these events - saying that was tough was an understatement!  

Even in those dark hours, I hung on to the thought that life was still  worth living, and now seven years in, I still climb, and now I ride a  mountain bike again. Initially, I was wheelchair-bound and unable  to get to those wild open spaces - I was going crazy; I am used to  the freedom of movement and being in wild open spaces!  I began to bake bread to challenge my mind, and this too turned into an obsession and led me to compete in the TV baking competition, The Great British Bake Off, to which I reached the quarter-finals. I still bake for therapy; however, my need to be outside in open spaces, the freedom that gives is back in charge.  Getting back on a bike has taken time. I didn’t think I would ride off-road again - and that put me off trying. Initially, I thought I’d be limited to road and light trail riding.

But very quickly, I yearned for the wilder trails and off-road, the  twisty single tracks and tricky downhills, the healthy dose of fear  and exhilaration that gives. Initially, though, that led to much  frustration; I’m limited to peddling seated. I couldn’t stand level pedals. I couldn’t keep my prosthetic planted on the pedal - and I was getting stopped by the humblest of obstacles.  Fortunately, I have a stubborn and single-minded personality, so I  set myself up to overcome these frustrations. I’m still working on peddling out of the saddle. I can now stand level pedals, and my  foot is firmly planted on the pedals with a huge thanks to Hustle  pedals. I’m getting fitter, my confidence grows, and I have the  mindset to see how far I can take my mountain biking following my  unique trail of discovery. My love for mountain biking is back!

Andy Clarke

Adaptive Ambassador

Spina Bifida Occulta with Impaired Muscle Power in Foot

Poole, UK

I was born with Spina Bifida Occulta, which affected my left side, especially the left leg and foot . At the age of 11, I had two operations to rectify my deformity on my foot, but one result was that my foot never grew after that, and now I have a size 9 right foot and a size 7 left.

Just to add insult to injury, in 1985, I was involved in a motorcycle accident where my left femur was cleanly broken in two places, and now my left leg is one and a half inches shorter than the right.

I have been mountain biking for 15 years and racing emtb enduro for 4 years. I have swapped from clips to flats to try and find the balance and confidence I need, but on flats, my left foot would come off the pedal too easily, and if I was clipped in, I did not have the feel or range of movement to unclip easily.

But the Hustle pedals have given me the answer to all my problems ..... Thanks, guys.

On the sporting side, I raced Go Karts from the age of 14 until my late 20s and had many regional wins and a few national-level podiums. After that, I raced cars for 2 years, becoming rookie of the year in my first year and 5th overall in that season until the money ran out. I raced one last time in 2002, winning in one of the races in the Ginetta cup.

Andy riding his mtb bike
Andy riding his go kart


REMtech Pedals have also helped improve riding experiences for some with the following injuries and impairments.

Ankle Paralysis

Thank you for my magnet pedals. They are the best. The magnet pedals help me not slip my pedal. When I had regular pedals, my foot would never stay on my pedal. With the magnet pedal, I really enjoy BMX racing. My foot doesn’t slip every time I pedal. Thank you so much.

Jaxon, BMX Grom

Jaxon riding his BMX bike

Photo cred:

Knee Injuries or Aged Knees

The truth is that due to the limited range of motion in my right knee, I need to place that foot further forward on the pedal…the design of the magnet body allows me to do so and still have full connection. As I ride and the knee joint loosens, I can gradually move the foot to compensate. No undue strain on my knee equals hours and miles without pain! Impossible to do with any clipless pedals.

George, aka Boo, emtb Rider

Boo riding his e-mtb

Photo cred:

Drop Foot

For the past 15 years I have been going from flat to clips looking for confidence I want as an adaptive rider, then I found the Hustle Bike Labs Avery REMtech pedals. And I now have the best of both worlds and have never been as comfortable on the bike as I am now.

Andy, Mtb Rider

Andy riding his mtb bike

Photo cred:

Craig Payne

Founder & Visionary

As so many kids in the 80’s I raced BMX and then graduated to road racing, which carried me through my teens and into my twenties. Bikes have been in almost every chapter of my life, and to this day I still get a thrill — the same thrill I got as a kid — every time I get to hit the dirt!

Cicely Mitchell

Marketing & Communications

It's nice to e-meet you! As a digital marketer with not your typical background, I tend to see the digital world a little differently. I enjoy using a fresh perspective to help bring back the sense of community and positivity to social media platforms.

We look forward to learning more about you!

We are stoked to see if REMtech® Pedals will help elevate your riding experience.

We're excited about how we can potentially help you hit your goals and bring back confidence and peace of mind while on the bike. Keep an eye out for our additional communications from one or both of us! 🤘

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